About Troy Jarvis

A graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in Communications, Troy’s life has taken him around the world, including Utah, Missouri, and Brazil. After college, he was recruited by one of the top Realtors in the country and moved to Illinois to start his real estate career. Upon returning to Arizona in 1994, he created The Jarvis Group and has been selling in the valley for the past 22 years. He has received a number of awards, including the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award.

After successfully weathering numerous cycles in the real estate market and selling thousands of properties, Troy’s award-wining real estate background offers investing clients unparalleled industry knowledge and the well-trained eye of a seasoned real estate investor.

Troy is a Father of three boys, one girl, and three step children. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and singing.

What Clients Are Saying About Troy Jarvis

“Troy Jarvis recently sold our Scottsdale condominium and we could not be happier with his services. We have sold several properties in the past and found out about Troy Jarvis and his services after an unsuccessful attempt to sell our Scottsdale condominium. For those not familiar with Troy’s services, he has a comprehensive 29 point sales plan and his broadband marketing strategy is a differentiator — and off the charts! He has a refined assembly of potential buyers by region, local families looking at real estate for friends and family, and relationships with North American buyer agents. His advertising techniques provide maximum 24/7 exposure.”

Tom N.

“Troy Jarvis is a personable, can do real estate agent with a specialized staff, assisting in contract services and follow-up activities; so you get the band, not just the guitarist! Troy had in-depth information on our area and trends. He provided us continual targeted information on the sales process that included a number of visitors, their feedback, and how that fared to other properties in the area.”

Samuel G.

“Troy Jarvis was resourceful and provided us valued services such as repair coordination to satisfy the inspection requirements. Troy also provided us honest and straightforward assessments throughout the sales process. With his upbeat and winning personality and savvy approach, we knew from the get-go that we were in good hands and getting the most out of the real estate services!”

Meredith B.